Foreign economic activity of enterprises. Textbook


[...] In the proposed textbook the methodical bases of organization and planning of foreign economic activity of transport enterprises with disclosure of its specific features, considering international norms and traditions of cooperation, are presented. Relying on the disclosure of legal possibilities of realization of types of foreign economic activity, the essence of the procedures of their organization, the features of contractual activities in the organization of trade cooperation with foreign counterparties and the main content of the stages related to the performance of contractual obligations are revealed. The authors emphasized specific details of the sequence of actions in the organization of foreign trade operations and their implementation, which will ensure logical consistency and systematic presentation of the material and promote full understanding the material. The textbook aims to give the reader theoretical knowledge and practical skills in organizing foreign trade activities by transport enterprises.


Słowa kluczowe

zagraniczna działalność gospodarcza, wolny handel, polityka celna, negocjacje biznesowe, proces negocjacji, wsparcie transportu, polityka cen, ryzyko w zagranicznej aktywności gospodarczej, foreign economic activity, free trade, customs policy, business negotiations, negotiation proces, transportation support, price policy, risks in foreign economic activity


Stankiewicz-Mróz A., Perederii V., Novak V., Ilienko O., Kyrylenko O., Gurina G., Razumova K., Danilova E., Petrovska S., Lytvynenko L., Foreign economic activity of enterprises. Textbook., Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź 2018, ISBN 978-83-7283-939-8.