Experimental investigations of thin walled, squared cross – section composite tubes applied to static compression.




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Wydział Mechaniczny. Katedra Wytrzymałości Materiałów i Konstrukcji. Politechnika Łódzka
Lodz University of Technology. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Department of Strength of Materials and Structures


This paper deals with the experimental investigations of thin-walled, squared crosssection composite tubes subjected to a static compression. The main purpose of this paper is to present and discuss different methods of data analysis while investigating stability of thin-walled structures. Performed experiments were conducted by employing Zwick/Roel universal test stand; non-contact, geometrical - optical principled system Aramis produced by GOM company and strain-gauge technique. Different methods of determining buckling loads were employed, discussed and compared. Moreover all problems, occurring during experiments and data analysis were emphasized in order to show what kind of difficulties could appear during processing the results of measurements. As an example, comparing non-dimensional strain-gauges data with dimensional non-contact system Aramis results of measurements can quoted.


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thin-walled columns, composite tubes, cienkościenne słupy, rury kompozytowe, mechanika, mechanics


Stability of Structures XIVth Symposium, Zakopane 08-12.06.2015 ; pages 29-30