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The presented study explores the topic of Design for Logistics as part of a broader concept of Design for eXellence. The effect of the work by the designers who address logistic considerations in product design is a logistically efficient product characterized more broadly within the concept of logistic efficiency of the product. Thus, this book deals with research on certain practical solutions in finished products that have been introduced in the process of their design and that contribute to facilitating logistic processes throughout the supply chain. It also marks the beginning of a scientific discussion on the problem of integrating logistic considerations into product design. At the same time, its universal character makes it suitable for researchers specializing in different areas related to logistics as well as for students pursuing various fields of study. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners since all of the main theoretical underpinnings of Design for Logistics are reviewed, discussed in an accessible manner, and illustrated with tables and figures. The book is the result of the analysis of publications in the field of logistics, design supporting excellence and logistics, and many years of experience of scientists and practitioners, including the authors. Its subject matter falls within the scientific discipline of "management and quality sciences" and is strongly tied to contemporary issues in logistics. It is an interesting study on the issue of Design for Logistics, the physical manifestation of which is a logistically efficient product. [...]


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product design, Design for eXcellence, Design for Logistics, logistic efficiency of the product, process of design, management and quality sciences