Modelowanie strategii kadrowych w przedsiębiorstwie




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Corporate strategy is a concrete and effective in business terms concept of functioning of a company in the future in the environment which is constantly changing in an unexpected and turbulent way. It is an art of formulating concepts of a peaceful struggle for success, that is an approval on the part of the environment (particularly the market) which is satisfactory for the company as well as an interna! approval. Thus strategy is the most important system of management of the future of a modern company. It constitutes a set of logically ordered elements, informative materiał, and a set of guidelines, procedures and methods of developing the strategy for management in the future. Modelling is one of the basie tools of strategie management, including personnel management. It consists in proj ecting actual states or those that are desired in the future.Corporate strategy model MSB consists of two submodels: a descriptive one ( which is qualitative and of alfa kind) as well as a financial one (which is quantitative and of number kind). Strategie models should be based on a domain character - corresponding to the functions of the organization. Pursuant to the generał model, the descriptive model of personnel strategy should encompass the following: - image and social and personnel mission, the truth about knowledge capital, - intentions and options in terms of personnel which correspond to strategie objectives, - social policy, personnel policy and knowledge management systems, that is realisation strategies, - expert and motivation offer of intemal and extemal kind; this component constitutes a part of the strategie offer.


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