IT law as an indispensable element of education




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Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej
Lodz University of Technology Press


The study presents the issues of selected aspects of IT law. The article indicates legal regulations and court decisions in the field of computer program protection. The author solve the problem of how to interpret various aspects of IT law, taking into account the current case law of the Supreme Court and common courts. Conclusions from the discussed regulations and judgments, based on the available statistics, will constitute a starting point for the evaluation and the possibility of computer programs protection.


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law, IT, computer programs, intellectual property, prawo, programy komputerowe, własność intelektualna, założenia


Urbaniak-Mastalerz I., IT law as an indispensable element of education. W: TEWI 2021 (Technology, Education, Knowledge, Innovation), Wojciechowski A. (Ed.), Napieralski P. (Ed.), Lipiński P. (Ed.)., Seria: Monografie PŁ;Nr 2378, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź 2021, s. 217-228, ISBN 978-83-66741-10-2, DOI 10.34658/9788366741102.15.