2019, vol. 40

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    Charge carrier mobility in non-equilibrated transport in molecular materials
    (Lodz University of Technology Press, 2019) Kania, Sylwester; Kościelniak-Mucha, Barbara; Kuliński, Janusz; Słoma, Piotr; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof
    Non-equilibrated transport of charge carriers in the molecular material depends on the structure and packing of the molecules. Explanation of the measurements of the photocurrent generated with use of UV flash light in organic layer needs to define the quantity of charge carriers mobility. Definition of this quantity in the scope of some defined transport model requires the detailed analysis of generation, recombination and charge transfer between neighbouring molecules. The problem is discuss on the basis of transport properties of two anthracene derivatives
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    Polarization of organic aromatic molecule in anionic and cationic state
    (Lodz University of Technology Press, 2019) Kania, Sylwester; Kościelniak-Mucha, Barbara; Kuliński, Janusz; Słoma, Piotr; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof
    The modification of electron states and the change in the geometry of the structure of molecule during hopping transport of charge carriers depends on the symmetry of the molecule. During electric transport the molecule reversibly transforms from neutral state to cation when hole conductivity occurs or to anion when electron conductivity occurs. The energies of orbitals HOMO and HOMO1 of anthrone and anthrachinone are always negative, what allows for holes transport. Positive energies of LUMO and LUMO+1 orbitals of anion of anthrone and anthraquinone in structure of anion or neutral molecule make electron transport difficult.
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    Electrical and thermal properties of anthraquinone layers
    (Lodz University of Technology Press, 2019) Kania, Sylwester; Kuliński, Janusz; Sikorski, Dominik
    Quantum-chemical calculations indicate that the bond lengths in the anthraquinone anthracene backbone are shorter than the corresponding bonds in unsubstituted anthracene. The shape of the frontier molecular orbitals (FMO) indicates the possibility of more efficient electron capture by the anthraquinone molecule than by the anthracene molecule while maintaining stability in the conditions prevailing in electrochemical cells. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) studies indicate the temperature stability of anthraquinone above the melting point up to 300C. The glass transition is determined at about 100°C.
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    Influence of chirality on two-dimensional deformations of twisted flexoelectric nematic layers
    (Lodz University of Technology Press, 2019) Buczkowska, Mariola
    Two-dimensional deformations induced by electric field in twisted nematic cells filled with liquid crystal possessing flexoelectric properties were simulated numerically. The influence of chiral dopants on the occurrence and structure of the spatially periodic patterns was investigated. It was found that the chirality influences mainly the direction of the periodic patterns whereas the threshold voltage for deformation and the width of the stripes are weakly affected.
  • Pozycja
    Scientific Bulletin. Physics No. 1227, vol. 40 (2019)
    (Lodz University of Technology Press, 2019) Lodz University of Technology; Politechnika Łódzka