Fancy Threads




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Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej
Lodz University of Technology Press


"The presented research results concerning the structure, properties and production methods of fancy threads do not exhaust the subject, not only because of the dynamic development of new research methods, but also because of the fact that almost every day new types of decorative threads are produced. It depends on the so-called creative fantasy or the designers’ creativity. As has already been stated in the introduction to the present work, fancy threads, besides be- ing the creation of an engineer, are influenced by the designer to a large extent, as far as their properties and structure are concerned. The process of conscious creation of new structures of decorative threads requires engineering knowledge in the field of different spinning or twisting techniques. ..."


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fancy threads, decorative yarns - production methods, fancy twisted threads, multi twist fancy threads, multi twist fancy threads - characteristic, fantazyjne nici, przędze dekoracyjne - metody produkcji, fantazyjnie skręcone nici, fantazyjne nici wieloskrętne, fantazyjne nici wieloskrętne - charakterystyka


Grabowska K., Fancy Threads, Seria: Monografie Politechniki Łódzkiej; Nr 2283, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź 2019, ISBN 978-83-7283-969-5, doi: 10.34658.9788372839695.