Effect of the Hold Time and Temperature on Characteristic Quantities of TDA Curves




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This paper presents the effect of the temperature and hold time in the holding furnace of 226 silumin on the characteristic quantities of TDA curves. The temperature of phase transformations and the cooling rate were tested.It has been shown that increasing both the hold time and the temperature in the holdingfurnace cause the decreasethe end ofα+Al9Fe3Si2+β and α+Al2Cu+βternary eutectics crystallizationtemperature in the tested silumin. This is due to the fact an increase in amounts of impurities as a result of reacting theliquid alloy with the gases contained in the air.It has been shown, however, that examined technological factors ofthe metal preparation do not cause systematic changes in the cooling rate.


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Theory of Crystallization, Pressure Die Casting, TDA Method


Archives of Foundry Engineering, Vol. 14, no. 1, pages 113-116