Influence of Stress and Relaxation Characteristics of Knitted Fabrics on the Unit Pressure of Compression Garments Supporting External Treatment




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Instytut Biopolimerów i Włókien Chemicznych (IBWCh) , Łódź, Polska
Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres, Lodz, Poland


The paper presents an analysis of the influence of the mechanical properties’ heterogeneity of knitted fabrics and the method of determining their characteristics of stress and relaxation (deformation) on the value of unit pressure of compression garments. Changes in the value of force as a function of relative elongation were described by experimental dependencies for stress and relaxation phases for the 6th hysteresis loop, taking into account the confidence intervals. Model calculations were performed for a wide range of body circumferences G1 = 5 - 110 cm and for two values of unit pressure: 20 and 30 hPa using Laplace’s law and experimental functions determined which describe the relationship between force and relative elongation of a knitted fabric. The research indicates one of the reasons for changes in the unit pressure in the compression garments designed.


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medtextiles, unit pressure, Laplace law, mechanical parameters, knitted fabrics, body circumferences


FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe, Vol.22, Issue 4 (106), pages 87-92