Power consumption analysis of different hexapod robot gaits.




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Politechnika Łódzka. Wydział Mechaniczny. Katedra Automatyki, Biomechaniki i Mechatroniki.


The paper is focused on the power consumption analysis of different gaits of our constructed hexapod robot controlled by different Central Pattern Generator (CPG) models. There are a lot of gait patterns in the literature constructed either by different CPG models or using a series of oscillations with adjustable phase lag. The mentioned models, as well as those proposed in our previous paper are used and compared from the viewpoint of energy demand. In general, power consumption of the constructed hexapod robot is experimentally analyzed based on the current consumption in the applied servo motors, which drive the robot limbs. For this purpose the suitable drivers allowing a simple measurement of electric energy consumption of servo motors are used. The obtained experimental results show different energy demand for different robot gaits. Because power consumption is one of the main operational restrictions imposed on autonomous walking robots, we show that the performed energy efficiency analysis and the choice of the appropriate robot gaits depending on the actual situation can reduce the energy costs.


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systems theory - conference, dynamical systems - conference, mechatronics - conference


Dynamical systems : mechatronics and life sciences ; s. 197-206