Vibration Analysis of Collecting Electrodes by means of the Hybrid Finite Element Method


The paper presents a hybrid finite element method of shell modeling in order to model collecting electrodes of electrostatic precipitators. The method uses the finite element method to reflect elastic features and the rigid finite element method in order to model mass features of the body. A model of dust removal systems of an electrostatic precipitator is presented. The system consists of two beams which are modeled by means of the rigid finite element method and a system of collecting shells modeled by means of the hybrid finite element method. The paper discusses both the procedure of deriving the equations of motion and the results of numerical simulations carried out in order to analyze vibrations of the whole system. Experimental verification of the model is also presented.


Słowa kluczowe

metoda elementów skończonych, hybrydowa metoda elementów skończonych, elektrody zbiorcze, analiza drgań, symulacja numeryczna


Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Vol.2014 (2014), Article ID 832918, 19 pages