Free vibrations of an unbounded periodically reinforced elastic layer




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Politechnika Łódzka. Katedra Wytrzymałości Materiałów i Konstrukcji.


The object of analysis is an unbounded layer made of two isotropic, linear elastic materials and periodically laminated along the Ox1 axis (cf. Fig.1). The layer is resting on the rigid base. It is assumed that the laminas are homogeneous and their number is very large. Hence we deal with a certain microstructured layer. The aim of this contribution is to propose a certain mass discretized model for the analysis of vibrations of the layer. It is shown that there exist two kinds of these vibrations which are independent of x2 and x3 coordinates.


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drgania, wzmocniona warstwa elastyczna, drgania warstw


Stability of Structures. XIII-th Symposium. Zakopane, September, 17-21, 2012. Proceedings.