Effect of Water Mist Cooling on Microstructure of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy




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The work is a continuation of research on the use water mist cooling in order to increase efficiency of die-casting aluminum alloys using multipoint water mist cooling system. The paper presents results of investigation of crystallization process and microstructure of synthetic hypereutectic AlSi20 alloy. Casts were made in permanent mold cooled with water mist stream. The study was conducted for unmodified AlSi20 alloy and modified with phosphorus, titanium and boron on the research station allowing sequential multipoint cooling using a dedicated program of computer control. The study demonstrated that the use of mold cooled with water mist stream allows the formation of the microstructure of hypereutectic silumins. A wide range of solidification temperature of hypereutectic silumins increases the potential impact of changes in the cooling rate on a size, a number and a morphology of preeutectic silicon and eutectic α+β (Al+Si).


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Innovative foundry technologies and materials, Casting die cooling, Water mist, Hypereutectic silumin, Microstructure, innowacyjne technologie, innowacyjne technologie odlewnicze, innowacyjne materiały odlewnicze, chłodzenie, mikrostruktura, silumin nadeutektyczny


Archives of Foundry Engineering, Vol. 14, Issue 3, Pages 117–122