Different types of chimera states: An interplay between spatial and dynamical chaos




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We discuss the occurrence of chimera states in networks of nonlocally coupled bistable oscillators, in which individual subsystems are characterized by the coexistence of regular (a fixed point or a limit cycle) and chaotic attractors. By analyzing the dependence of the network dynamics on the range and strength of coupling, we identify parameter regions for various chimera states, which are characterized by different types of chaotic behavior at the incoherent interval. Besides previously observed chimeras with space-temporal and spatial chaos in the incoherent intervals we observe another type of chimera state in which the incoherent interval is characterized by a central interval with standard space-temporal chaos and two narrow side intervals with spatial chaos. Our findings for the maps as well as for time-continuous van der Pol–Duffing’s oscillators reveal that this type of chimera states represents characteristic spatiotemporal patterns at the transition from coherence to incoherence.


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Physical Review E, Vol. 90, iss. 3