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    Loading Initial Data into the Quantum Register
    (Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2020) Ostrowski, Marcin
    In this paper, we examine a simple algorithm for loading initial data into the quantum register. In order to perform the algorithm standard two input gates are used. The algorithm is tested for the Gaussian and sine wave states. In the Appendix full PyQuil code of the algorithm is attached.
  • Pozycja
    Error Reduction for Static Localization
    (Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2020) Morawska, Barbara; Lichy, Krzysztof; Koch, Piotr; Niedźwiedzki, Jakub; Leplawy, Marcin; Lipiński, Piotr
    This article describes methods for reducing the position measure-ment error of ultra-wideband localization system - DecaWave TREK1000. The static localization accuracy of this system can achieve 10cm. The local-ization algorithm introduced in this paper can improve it up to 1 centimeter. We could achieve such good accuracy, thanks to experiments that were car-ried out in various environmental conditions. This allowed us to identify the nature of the measurement error and design the correct set of filters.