Investigation of Naturally Coloured Cotton of Different Origin – Analysis of Fibre Properties




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Instytut Biopolimerów i Włókien Chemicznych (IBWCh) , Łódź, Polska
Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres, Lodz, Poland


Naturally coloured cotton is naturally pigmented fibre that grows in shades of brown and green. Because the colour is present in the fibres, fabrics made of them do not have to be dyed. The elimination of the dyeing process can save up to one half of the cost of preparing textiles and also lowers disposal costs for toxic dye waste dangerous to human health and the environment. In spite of the economic and ecological benefits resulting from the elimination of the dying process, the application of the naturally coloured cotton in the world textile industry is still limited. The low quality of fibres is considered as the most important reason for the limitation of naturally coloured cotton application. The aim of the work presented was to investigate the quality of naturally coloured cotton of different origin as well as to show the potential of the naturally coloured cotton as an excellent raw material for manufacturing ecological textiles of good quality and attractive design.


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naturally colored cotton, fibre properties, maturity, length, quality


FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe, Vol. 22, Issue 5 (107), pages 34-42.