Utilisation of nitrocompounds

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Lodz University of Technology Press
Wydawnictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej


This paper is a review of methods of biological, chemical and physical utilisation of nitrocompounds, extremely toxic xenobiotics that are abundant in the biosphere and are recalcitrant to biodegradation. Due to their unique physicochemical properties the nature itself has significant problem with complete degradation of nitroxenobiotic substances. There are number of methods developed in order to prevent further contamination of the environment leading to defoliation, inhibition of growth of plants and has adverse health effects on animals. Their abundance, deriving mainly from military industry, poses a serious threat to biosphere and current methods of their utilisation require further optimization.


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nitrozwiązki, związki nitroaromatyczne wybuchowe, biodegradacja, nitrocompounds, nitroaromatics explosives, biodegradation


Biotechnology and Food Science 2016, Vol.80 No.2, p.63-73