Thermal-Insulation Properties of Multilayer Textile Packages




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Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej - Wydział Technologii Materiałowych i Wzornictwa Tekstyliów
Lodz University of Technology. Press - Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design


Thermal-insulation properties of textile materials play a significant role in material engineering of protective clothing. Thermal-insulation properties are very important from the point of view of thermal comfort of the clothing user as well as the protective efficiency against low or high temperature. Thermal protective clothing usually is a multilayer construction. Its thermal insulation is a resultant of a number of layers and their order, as well as the thermalinsulation properties of a single textile material creating particular layers. The aim of the presented work was to investigate the relationships between the thermal-insulation properties of single materials and multilayer textile packages composed of these materials. Measurement of the thermal-insulation properties of single and multilayer textile materials has been performed with the Alambeta. The following properties have been investigated: thermal conductivity, resistance and absorptivity. Investigated textile packages were composed of two, three and four layers made of woven and knitted fabrics, as well as nonwovens. On the basis of the obtained results an analysis has been carried out in order to assess the dependency of the resultant values of the thermal-insulation properties of multilayer packages on the appropriate values of particular components.


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thermal insulation, protective clothing, thermal resistance, equivalent thermal conductivity, multilayer packages


Autex Research Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 4, pages 299–307