Functional Features of Breadcrumbs with the participation of Lupine Preparation




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Lodz University of Technology Press
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Breading is the process of coating products in layers of breading mix composed usually of flour, bread crumbs, egg white and spices. The process of breading is applied in order to: give the desired golden-brown color and crispiness to the products, seal in moisture and meat aroma, reduce the amount of absorbed fat, provide better resistance to mechanical stress, prolong product durability, protect proteins from direct heat. In order to improve its health quality, breading was enriched with the preparations of lupine (flour or protein isolate). Pulses have health promoting properties due to the presence of functional components. Proteins present in the lupine have a hypocholesterolemic and antioxidant activity. Another very important functional component are essential fatty acids EFAs (they account for about 80% of the total lipid fraction, of which 60% is oleic and linolenic acid). In addition to aforementioned lupine seeds components, also phenolic compounds are present which exhibit anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic activity


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Biologically active compounds in food International Conference, Łódź, 15-16 października 2015r: book of abstracts, s. 101