Availability of hydroxycinnamic acids from coffee after their supplementation to different kinds of food

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Lodz University of Technology Press
Wydawnictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej


In novel foods containing different health-promoting components such as protein hydrolysates as well as plant extracts rich in polyphenols it is possible that peptides and phenolics interact and as a consequence the bioactivity of both decreases. The aim of the study was to evaluate the availability of hydroxycinnamic and chlorogenic acids (all described as CHAs) from green coffee (water purified extract) after their interactions with protein hydrolysates derived from egg ovalbumin (EOH), whey proteins (WPH) and soy proteins (SPH) during food processing, depending on temperature during processing, food product composition and CHAs form (free or included in β-cyclodextrin (β-CD).


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Biologically active compounds in food International Conference, Łódź, 15-16 października 2015r: book of abstracts, s.11-12