The Gentzen sequent calculus in e-testing. Pt. 1: Foundations

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Lodz University of Technology. Press


Modern methods and trends in education, especially the so-called e-learning, are undeniably more and more popular and widely applied in recent years. The paper is focused on the subdomain of the e-learning area which is named e-testing and it concerns the problem of replacing the manual checking and evaluating of distance exams with automated and intelligent procedures run by dedicated computer systems. A popular system of automated theorem proving by Gentzen [1] is applied to mechanise the process of checking and evaluating e-tests in set theory and logics. The paper presents the general rules according to which such an e-test should be built, then the evaluating algorithm based on the Gentzen sequent calculus is presented and exemplified, finally the detailed comments on the implementation and the results are given.


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Journal of Applied Computer Science., 2010 Vol.18 nr 1 s.39-48