Real-time GPS tracking and product security system




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Wydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej
Lodz University of Technology Press


The goal of this study was to provide a system which uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to track mobile devices in real-time and secures properties using bar-code technology. Even though, there are similar solutions in the current market, they are most frequently operated by large third-party companies with an expensive service fees. Considering the high demand for using such systems and the exaggerated service fees; the proposed system of this study provides a free service using ordinary devices and technologies: The new system focused on specific user groups ( such as production, logistics and transport companies) for providing very rich functionalities with a proper security. Users of the new solution of this study are able to track their trucks ( or any mobile property) at real time, retrieving tracked history, planning routes and searching for any location throughout the world. Additionally it allows them to secure products while on transport using bar-code technology.


Słowa kluczowe

Global Positioning System, security, user/things location, Globalny System Pozycjonowania, bezpieczeństwo, lokalizacja użytkownika / rzeczy, GPS


Sierszeń A., Sturgulewski Ł., Waktola S., Real-time GPS tracking and product security system. W: Algorithms, Networking and Sensing for Data Processing, Mobile Computing and Applications, Romanowski A. (red.), Sankowski D. (red), Sikora J. (red.), Lodz University of Technology Press, Łódź 2016, s. 113-124, ISBN 978-83-7283-738-7.