Accumulation of metal ions in selected plants from Brassicaceae and Lamiaceae families

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Lodz University of Technology Press
Wydawnictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej


This paper examines the accumulation of metal ions from soil in selected edible plants belonging to the Brassicaceae and Lamiaceae families. The effect of metal ions on factors, such as growth and morphology are also investigated. The results indicate that the addition of selected metal ions to the soil significantly increases the concentration of metal ions in the plants. The application of zinc ions significantly enhances Zn uptake in Ocimum basilicum and Mentha piperita (Lamiaceae family). Nickel ions significantly increase Ni accumulation in Lepidium sativum (Brassiaceae family). The research shows that nickel, zinc and copper accumulate in leaves at different concentrations depending on the plant species.


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metal ions, toxicity, bioconcentration factor, Brassicaceae family, Lamiaceae family


Biotechnology and Food Science 2016, Vol.80 No 1, p.29-42