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    • A New Device for Characterisation of the Drainage Kinetics of Fibrous Suspensions Under Gravity 

      Przybysz, Piotr; Kuncewicz, Czesław; Rieger, František (The Journal of Committee of Chemical and Process of Polish Academy of SciencesPolska Akademia NaukPolish Academy of Sciences, 2014)
      Gravity dewatering of fibrous suspension is one of basic technological operations in paper production process. Although there are numerous methods to determine dewatering of such suspensions, none of them can measure ...
    • New Eco-friendly Method for Paper Dyeing 

      Blus, Kazimierz; Czechowski, Jacek; Koziróg, Anna (Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical FibresInstytut Biopolimerów i Włókien Chemicznych, 2014)
      For economical and environmental reasons, the paper industry has shifted the production of paper products towards dyed products made from pulp grades with a high content of recovered paper. The basic method for dyeing paper ...
    • Waste Treatment with Supercritical Water 

      Głębowski, Michał; Szewczyk, Włodzimierz (2014)
      Waste with a high water content is particularly difficult to reprocess. Drying, required before the final burning process, consumes large amounts of energy and it is quite expensive. The paper provides an overview of the ...