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Theoretical Approaches in Non-Linear Dynamical Systems

dc.contributor.editorAwrejcewicz, Jan
dc.contributor.editorKaźmierczak, Marek
dc.contributor.editorMrozowski, Jerzy
dc.descriptionFrom Preface: The 15th International Conference „Dynamical Systems - Theory and Applications” (DSTA 2019, 2-5 December, 2019, Lodz, Poland) gathered a numerous group of outstanding scientists and engineers who deal with widely understood problems of theoretical and applied dynamics. Organization of the conference would not have been possible without great effort of the staff of the Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics of the Lodz University of Technology. The patronage over the conference has been taken by the Committee of Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland. It is a great pleasure that our event was attended by over 180 researchers from 35 countries all over the world, who decided to share the results of their research and experience in different fields related to dynamical systems. This year, the DSTA Conference Proceedings were split into two volumes entitled „Theoretical Approaches in Non-Linear Dynamical Systems” and „Applicable Solutions in Non-Linear Dynamical Systems”. In addition, DSTA 2019 resulted in three volumes of Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics entitled „Control and Stability of Dynamical Systems”, „Mathematical and Numerical Approaches in Dynamical Systems” and „Dynamical Systems in Mechatronics and Life Sciences”. Also, many outstanding papers will be recommended to special issues of renowned scientific journals.en_EN
dc.descriptionCover design: Kaźmierczak, Mareken_EN
dc.descriptionTechnical editor: Kaźmierczak, Mareken_EN
dc.publisherLodz University of Technology Pressen_EN
dc.publisherLodz University of Technology. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics.en_EN
dc.publisherWydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiejpl_PL
dc.publisherPolitechnika Łódzka. Wydział Mechaniczny. Katedra Automatyki, Biomechaniki i Mechatroniki.pl_PL
dc.relationInternational Conference. Dynamical Systems Theory and Applications (15 ; December 2-5; 2019; Łódź)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDSTA-2019 Conference Books;vol. 2
dc.rightsAll rights reserveden_EN
dc.rightsFair use conditionen_EN
dc.rightsWszystkie prawa zastrzeżonepl_PL
dc.rightsDla wszystkich w zakresie dozwolonego użytkupl_PL
dc.subjectasymptotic methods in non-linear dynamicsen_EN
dc.subjectbifurcation and chaos in dynamical systemsen_EN
dc.subjectcontrol in dynamical systemsen_EN
dc.subjectdynamics in life sciences and bioengineeringen_EN
dc.subjectengineering systems and differential equationsen_EN
dc.subjectnon-smooth systemsen_EN
dc.subjectmathematical approaches to dynamical systemsen_EN
dc.subjectoriginal numerical methods of vibration analysisen_EN
dc.subjectstability of dynamical systemsen_EN
dc.subjectvibrations of lumped and continuous systemsen_EN
dc.titleDSTA-2019 Conference Books vol. 1en_EN
dc.titleTheoretical Approaches in Non-Linear Dynamical Systemsen_EN
dc.typeconference booksen_EN
dc.typeksiążka pokonferencyjnapl_PL
dc.rights.licenseLUT Licenseen_EN
dc.rights.licenseLicencja PŁpl_PL
dc.rights.holderLodz University of Technology. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics.en_EN
dc.rights.holderPolitechnika Łódzka. Wydział Mechaniczny. Katedra Automatyki, Biomechaniki i Mechatroniki.pl_PL

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