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    • Some electrical properties of thin layer of 9,10-dimethylanthracene and 1-acenaphtenol 

      Kania, Sylwester; Kuliński, Janusz; Marciniak, Bernard; Różycka-Sokołowska, Ewa (Lodz University of Technology PressWydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2013)
      Spectral grade materials obtained in zone-melting process from commercially available 1-acenaphthenol and 9,10-dimethyl-anthracene were characterized electrically. The layers vaporized in 10-5Torr vacuum posses high ...
    • Spline interpolation for trap spectroscopy analysis for two cyclic hydrocarbons. 

      Kania, Sylwester; Kuliński, Janusz (Wydawnictwo Politechniki ŁódzkiejLodz University of Technology. Press, 2015)
      Cubic spline interpolation gives a tool for obtaining good image of current-voltage characteristics for trap spectroscopy analysis without prior assumption about the trap distribution for 1-acenaphthenol and 9,10-dimet ...