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    • Pensions today - economic, managerial, and social issues 

      Chybalski, Filip (red.); Marcinkiewicz, Edyta (red.) (Wydawnictwo Politechniki ŁódzkiejLodz University of Technology Press, 2021)
      The monograph includes 23 chapters addressing the problems of contemporary pensions from both a general and a national view, studied from a theoretical or empirical perspective. The book is structured as follows. First, ...
    • The role of family businesses in old age security 

      Olejnik, Iwona (Lodz University of Technology PressWydawnictwo Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2021)
      [...] the purpose of the paper is to identify the role of family companies in relation to both parties – parent founders and successors – in the context of security in future old age. Therefore, the paper firstly shows a ...