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    • Antioxidant activity of beers produced with unmalted quinoa and amaranth 

      Bogdan, Paulina; Kordialik-Bogacka, Edyta (Lodz University of Technology PressWydawnictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2015)
      Quinoa and amaranth are pseudocereals, which recently have received increased interest, as they are a good source of different nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and other biologically active compounds. They are also ...
    • The impact of the changes in surface properties of yeast biomass, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, on Pb2+ biosorption 

      Kordialik-Bogacka, Edyta; Diowksz, Anna (Lodz University of Technology PressWydawnictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej, 2016)
      This study examines changes that occur in yeast cell surface properties during physical, chemical and mechanical treatment and their potential impact on the biomass uptake capacity for lead. As a result of biomass treatment, ...
    • Napój z herbacianego grzybka 

      Kordialik-Bogacka, Edyta (Wydawnictwo Politechniki ŁódzkiejLodz University of Technology Press, 2021)
      Politechnika Łódzka jest partnerem projektu, którego celem jest wdrożenie innowacyjnej technologii produkcji kombuchy. Jest to napój o ciekawych walorach smakowych i działaniu prozdrowotnym. Liderem projektu jest Fabryka ...