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    • Accelerated Ageing of Implantable, Ultra-Light, Knitted Medical Devices Modified by Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment - Part 2. Effect on chemical Purity 

      Jóźwicka, Jolanta; Gzyra-Jagieła, Karolina; Gutowska, Agnieszka; Struszczyk, Marcin H.; Kostanek, Krzysztof; Cichecka, Magdalena; Wilbik-Hałgas, Bożena; Kowalski, Krzysztof; Kopias, Kazimierz; Ciechańska, Danuta; Krucińska, Izabella (2014)
      The impact of simulated storage conditions (accelerated ageing) for the chemical purity of innovative ultra-light textile implants (knitted) designed for use in urogynaecology and general surgery (procedures in the treatment ...
    • Biomechanical Studies of Novel Hernia Meshes with Enhanced Surface Behaviour 

      Struszczyk, Marcin H.; Komisarczyk, Agnieszka; Krucińska, Izabella; Gutowska, Agnieszka; Pałys, Beata; Ciechańska, Danuta (2014)
      Research on hernia implants, especially less-invasive implantation techniques, is an important focus of study around the world. Practitioners require that these elaborate structures, which are primarily designed using ...
    • In-Compost Biodegradation of PLA Nonwovens 

      Gutowska, Agnieszka; Jóźwicka, Jolanta; Sobczak, Serafina; Tomaszewski, Wacław; Sulak, Konrad; Miros, Patrycja; Owczarek, Monika; Szalczyńska, Magdalena; Ciechańska, Danuta; Krucińska, Izabella (2014)
      Presented in this work are the results of an investigation into the biodegradation of selected nonwoven materials made of commercial poly[(DL)-lactide] – PLA 6252D supplied by Nature Works® LLC, USA. The biodegradation was ...